Wednesday, May 02, 2012

the day after the night before

After the previous evening's events (click here if you missed it) the alarm was rather unwelcome but after making sure Adam was ok I dragged myself out of bed & met mum&dad to head down for breakfast.
Wyck Hill House looked stunning & if it had been a touch warmer it would have been lovely to sit outside on the patio drinking fresh orange juice.
Even though it was a bit nippy it was a really sunny morning & the view from the breakfast room was incredible - both on the table (yay for a big chunk of black pudding!) & out of the windows.
After we'd cleaned our plates we went for a walk around the grounds for an explore & to help it go down a bit.
Fun with shadows & looking at the bluebells on the way.
We popped back in through the bar & I thought mum looked quite at home as if she was welcoming guests into her drawing room.

After wishing the newlyweds well, we picked up a delicate Adam & set off on the long journey back to ma&pa's, waited a bit & then drove back to London with a few stop offs on the way. It wasn't quite how we'd imaged our weekend away to be but hey can't win 'em all!
Ttfn x

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Dina said...

Ah, what a beautiful-looking house!