Monday, May 14, 2012

how is it Monday again already?!

I have a little confession to make, I've been having a love affair. My new bit of fancy is the light of my life & makes me feel like a hundred bucks....
That's right I'm talking about my new high tops - sorry anyone who was looking for some juicy gossip! They ain't to every one's liking & seem to be a bit like Marmite but I love 'em! I've not been able to wear them as much as I'd have liked though cos of the blimmin rain so I might have to invest in a more waterproof pair (always looking for a good excuse to shop!) & I know the exact pair I want, if only that money tree would hurry up & grow!
I've decided I must be getting old cos the bank holiday last week threw me completely. I had no idea what day it was in the office let alone when I should be posting on my blog! Wednesday had come & gone before I knew it & instead of just posting on Thursday I thought I'd wait till Friday & then BAM it was the weekend already. So I hope y'all didn't miss me too much (that's if anyone noticed! :P)

I spent my whole weekend on the sofa (that's right, the 1st sunny weekend in aaaages & I spend indoors in my pjs watching the skybox!). Adam was away on his stag do (& going by the odd texts, tweets & status updates it sounded hilarious!) so I made the most of my lie ins without him waking me up wanting to do stuff! I've got my c**k party (just like my hen party but with all my blokey mates instead of girls!) next weekend & I can't wait, not been out with all my boys in ages! It's all systems go now with the countdown, only 110 days to go & we can't blimmin' wait! Woop!

Ttfn x

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