Monday, May 28, 2012

Nigel's Stag Do pt1

I'm still not sure what to call my event a few weekends ago (stag / hen / c**k party) so I'll let you choose & delete as appropriate!

The whole weekend had been left in Art's capable hands (I'd given him a list of all the guys to invite,  told him I didn't want to leave with bruises & that's about it!). I had no idea what I was letting myself in for but he came up trumps & planned a fab blokey weekend & I couldn't have asked for more :) 
Believe it or not the theme wasn't naff jumpers!

Ross picked me up from the house & took me on a magical mystery tour ending up in Lufbra - yay! I was really excited about the whole thing till I saw Art & then got really nervous about what was in store for me!
group shot from left to right:- matt-towie, dave, ian, niall, moi, mattay, ross, paul & art
Once the guys had all arrived, we'd had a cuppa (rock n roll!) & a bite to eat we drove to a nearby Karting track which was ace fun! I was rubbish & came last, both in the 10 lap qualifying & the 30 lap race. I can proudly say I didn't spin it or crash into anything (& no that isn't cos I went at a snails pace all the way round) though when I looked at the results sheet Ian (the winner) had done 31 laps & I'd only done 27! Yoink! I'd forgotten that Ian (who arrived with his own helmet & meant business!), Niall, Dave & Art used to be in the karting club at uni so I didn't really stand a chance (& that's my excuse!). Ah well some one's got to come last & in reality I just let all the guys overtake me, it doesn't pay to see a grown man weeping cos he came last! :P
Before we'd left for the karting track I was presented with my clothing for the day & 'Nigel from I.T' was born. I got told off for trying to make it too cool by wearing my tie loose (not sure how cool you can make a tanktop with the shirt sewn into it?!) so my top button was done up & the tie tightened. Also once we'd checked into the hotel I was presented with more accessories for Nigel's evening entertainment - a bright green mankini & fluro beanie that said 'stag' on one side & 'c**k' on the other - delightful!
For dinner I think Art thought we were still on the race track cos we had 45min to get to Salims (great curry btw), order, eat & pay before it was time for the next activity which'll I'll tell you about another this space!

Ttfn x

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