Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm a what?!

Seeing as the weather might be getting slightly better (sshh don't want to say it too loud in case it changes again!) I'm hoping to find the wedding diet a little easier. So long to creamy hot chocolates & stodgy sausage rolls & hello to super salads! I was all motivated & ready to tackle my diet good & proper in Westfield when I was labelled a Tosser!
Well excuse me! I only wanted to be a healthy happy bride! No need to be rude about it! Chuh!
Once I sat down I discovered their salads are amazing (never dreamt I'd say anything like that about a salad!), I even ended up leaving with a doggy bag containing enough food for the next day too! I guess I'll forgive them for calling me names

Ttfn x

*& now maybe I'm even happy to be labelled a Tosser! :P

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