Friday, February 03, 2012

Who, What, Where, Why, How?!

No I'm not going to jump into an impromptu singalong of Bandy Bertha - the title refers to my mindbox which is so full of junk right now I don't know if I'm coming or going!

I've got a lot going on at the moment what with mortgage renewals, wedding stuff, budgeting, planning my next work trip to India, following up from meetings, trade fair notes, moving offices on Monday with nothing packed yet......the list's endless (but at least I've sorted the Hen Party, we've had to go for a date after the wedding :-S) I'm at that horrible level of stress where your brain just doesn't compute anything & you forget things seconds after you've been told them - cos of this I have lists for absolutely everything! I've even written up a timetable from wake up to sleep so I know when to switch off parts of my brain rather than having all my thoughts whizzing round at once.

The one thing I'm finding the hardest (but I must do) is take breaks. I find it so hard to put down my phone/book/magazine & look out of the window at the scenery as I travel in to work cos there's loads of other things I could be doing. I actually looked out of the bus window on my way to work this morning & everything looked so crisp & wintery & beautiful. I've also been forcing myself to take at least a 30min lunch break at work too cos it's all to easy to just stay at your desk & carry on typing while you munch away.

On a positive note though normally when I'm stressed I eat, & I mean EAT! But this time the wedding diet's the one thing totally under control :-) since starting it again after New Year I've lost 6lbs! Huzzah!

So after all that rambling all this post was supposed to say is that my entries might be a little bitty 'till I've got everything in gear so forgive me & if I don't post on my regular Mondays, Wednesday's & Fridays it's nowt personal & I still love y'all for reading!

Ttfn x

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