Monday, February 06, 2012

it's snow joke *groan*

After a chilly but sunny Friday who knew that by the end of the weekend the UK would be covered in a lovely white blanket.

Adam took Friday off to help his folks move house. Jill&Keith were all excited at their new start but I think Adam was a bit sad to say bye to the house he'd grown up for 28years. I know I'd be pretty tearful if ma&pa decided to up sticks & move.
After our mortgage meeting on Saturday morning Adam drove me over the new house to help move, unpack, clean & help babysit Brandon & Isabelle. As the day went on more & more people in the land of twitter were commenting on the snow that was starting to cover the UK but we'd still not seen any & thought we might escape.
After a fish&chip supper & as we went to sleep there were a few little flakes but not much. That was till we woke up! Wow! I love that moment when you lie in bed & you're pretty sure just from the kind of light that it's going to be snowy when you peep out.
The temporary pond for Keith's fish had such thick ice on the top that we're not sure how on earth they survived!
After breakfast Adam went out to clear the car ready to drive me to get my bus later in the day. It's a long time since I've seen snow this thick.
Missy sat on her new favourite spot & wondered what all the fuss was about & why the world outside looked so different.
Lisa, Nick, Brandon & Isabelle all popped round so we went outside to play in the perfect snow that hadn't been touched in the garden. I tried to teach Brandon how to make a snow angel but he was way too excited! I've never made one & if I hadn't have been getting ready to head back to London I'd have joined him in rolling around in the snow but I didn't fancy sitting on a coach cold & wet!
Isabelle hadn't seen snow before so she was pretty unsure what to make of it at the start but after Lisa showed her a lump of it she was more than happy to stand on the grass & explore it (from arms length). I think looking at that grin it won't be long till she's running around with Brandon playing in it too.
I'm dreading waking up to an ice rink from all the snow freezing so fingers crossed it doesn't go that far. Got a rather busy old week *groan* but hey it's only another 4 mornings then it's the weekend again! :P

Ttfn x


Magical Day Dream said...

I am loving the snow! Don't you love hearing the fresh snow under your feet when you walk?



ktpland said...

it's a great sound! I love everything about snow (apart from the cold! do you see a problem there?!) x