Monday, February 13, 2012

Londoners pt2

Well as if my London ramblings last Friday wasn't enough here are some more of my thoughts about London, (if you haven't got a clue what I'm on about click here to see my last post), I've focused more on the people that make London this time:
~ true friendships are not that easy to find at first, unlike at uni or school when everyone arrives on a set date & ready to make friends, when you arrive in London it's just a normal day to everyone else as they go about their normal lives. Yes you have mates but it takes a while before making actual friends. It's scarily easy to loose friends too cos everyone has such busy lives that you have to plan everything so far in advance, even a coffee date is often planned weeks to a month before.
~ there's always something new to see or do but you end up not going to nearly enough galleries & there are always posters for shows you want to see but never get round to (that's when visitors come in useful cos when they visit they want to do something so it makes you go as well). Also there's always a gig on no matter how big or small & there are some great gigging venues (tho not as many as there used to be sadly *ahem* Astoria *ahem*).
~ When walking around it's simple to be invisible too which sometimes is great when you just want to get around the city & have your own company but on other occasions (either with a heavy suitcase & faced with a flight of stairs or you feel a bit lost) it can be a pretty lonely place considering how many people live here.
~ then there's the complete opposite side of London which is home & Adam. I'd only been in the city 6months before meeting him so pretty much all of my London Life has been shared with him. At first you don't think twice about travelling for hours between homes/flatshares but to actually own a home in London is a real privilege never to be taken for granted. You end up with your special little romantic spots too - like the corner of the Hippodrome where you first met, or the balcony where you got engaged & to everyone else it's just a pavement or a lovely view. London really means something different to each & everyone & that's what's magic.
I've been in London for 5.5years & I love it. I defiantly think you grow out of the city eventually but while we're here we're gonna ruddy well make the most of it!
Ttfn x

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