Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Donna & Rajat wedding pt2 - the wedding!

At 6pm on Friday 17th Feb we all switched off computers & scurried away to get changed into our outfits ready for Donna's wedding. The night before I'd been at Rajat's Pooja (link here) & tonight was the big day for them both & it was all rather exciting!
Seeing as Donna's Catholic & Rajat's Hindu they had a Catholic service in the morning which I couldn't make cos of work boo! (I did see a video clip & a few photos from a few people who did make it though & she looked gorgeous) & then the big celebration/reception & Hindu service in the evening.
Loads of people from work came which was really great to have some time with them out of the office & get to know them better. While nattering we sat down for a bit to wait our turn to go up on the stage to meet the happy couple.
These are some of the design team I work with on a daily basis & they also look after me in Mumbai!
It was then our turn to go up on stage with our gifts & cards, say hi to Donna & Rajat & pose for a few photos.
The following snaps are a few more people from work & in the right hand one you can see my new outfit I'd picked up a couple of days before. I managed to snap it up on sale & was pretty chuffed with it (although I did spot someone else wearing it *shock horror!*) - another Indian outfit to add to the collection!
After everyone had been up on stage & gone to get food I got a sneaky pic of the happy couple & the gorgeous outdoor venue. They looked so happy together & it was so sweet how they held hands all the way through the photos on the stage. Aww!
Once I sat down the fun began & Vikram sure knew how to keep a gal happy! Yoink!
By this point my henna had started to get pretty dark which is a good sign cos the darker the henna the more your man loves you! I was expecting black but hey dark brown will do! :P
While on the henna topic Donna's was beautiful & went right up to her elbows, she had it all over her feet too. Please excuse the eerie green light! Not the most flattering of shades on the skin!
The photographer dragged Donna away for some solo shots so I dove in & got some pics too. Her outfit was beautiful & the colours were so rich. She looked so happy......
....that was until she had to do some cheesy Bollywood-esque pics but after we all bullied her into it I think she got into the swing of things!
On that note I've just got one last thing to say & that's congrats to the happy couple! :) It was great fun & y'all looked lovely. Thanks for the invite & muchos love. x

Ttfn x