Monday, February 20, 2012

AWOL & Feb Photo A Day Challenge pt4

I'm back! Not sure if you missed me or not but I'm back all the same!

Didn't really get much time to blog this past week after flying to India on Valentines day with work, being mega busy there working on our collections, attending a wedding & working thru the dreaded delhi belly (enough excuses for you?!). I only landed back last night & while I sit back at my desk trying to figure out what time zone I'm in I'll leave you with some more of my Febphotoaday pics (I cheated a bit cos they're not done instagram while I was abroad but I'm sure y'all will forgive me?!).
* Blue - I was feeling a bit stressy & down before my flight to India - so much to do in such little time.
* Heart - Adam & I had given each other cards to open on Valentines day seeing as we were apart from each other - spooky thing was we'd bought each other the same type of card & written pretty much the same thing, surely it's too soon to start merging into one person?!
* Phone - my wonderful Indian Cell Phone - I love going back to that yellow screen with only snake for company.
* Something New - I bought a new salwar kameez for the wedding I was going to later in the week.
* Time - I kept having to work out the time difference between London & Mumbai.
* Drink - Due to the dreaded Dehli Belly the only think that passed my lips was water *bleugh*
* Something You Hate To Do - unpacking! Yuck!
* Handwriting - I knew I was jet lagged this morning cos I couldn't even do the easy sudoku in the metro!
Ttfn x

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