Friday, February 24, 2012

happy belated pancake day!

Well pancake day came & went & we had no pancakes (it was a mix of me still feeling a bit off & also couldn't be bothered!) but finally last night Adam & I decided to break out the shake to bake mix & have ourselves some.
It all started well when I poured out the mix & made a few perfect ones, that was till I got a bit cocky & thought I'd try flipping one & as anyone could have predicted, it just creased up & got in a bit of a battery mess, when will I ever learn?!
I couldn't possibly give Adam my screwed up excuse for a pancake so I gave him my good ones & I attempted to roll mine up & drizzle some lemon & sugar over them.
The end result was Adam's plate looked really good & all ready to roll up & eat while I got one good rolled up one & 3 other what can best be described as lumps.
All in all though no matter how they looked they all tasted the same & it reminded me that even though I get excited about pancake day I still don't really like them that much! Yoink!

Ttfn x

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