Monday, February 27, 2012

Donna & Rajat wedding pt1 - Pooja

While I was in Mumbai 2weeks ago as well as working on our new collection I was also invited to take part in Donna & Rajat's wedding celebrations. I work quite closely with Donna so it was weird not seeing her in the office but was great to see her & be part of her wedding in the evenings. 
The night before the actual wedding was Rajat's Pooja. It was held between two blocks of flats in his complex & it was quite funny to see the residents having to walk through the service to get to & from their homes.
These snaps are from during the Pooja. I felt a bit awkward at first being the only white girl there & wandering round while it was going on but after a while (& after I realised everyone else was doing the same) I was getting right in there! The exhibitionist strikes again!
There was lots of singing (all in Hindi) & clapping & the service went on for about 3hours. They even came round with cups of tea for everyone while it was going on thankfully!
As well as the singing & the clapping there was lots of dancing. Every so often Donna & Rajat would stand up & their family & friends would dance around them. They were all having fun & it was a great atmosphere.
Once the service was over we all went over to another marquee for food (which was really yummy) & I got to meet Donna's family. Just before we left I couldn't resist getting a bit of henna done. I only got it on one hand though seeing as I had to get in a taxi & get back to the hotel without smudging any of it! Not an easy task but I managed it!
I'll post the second part (the wedding) tomorrow, didn't want to overload y'all with everything today!

TTfn x


suzy said...

k i know this wasn't the point of this post at all but i had never seen a close-up of your ring before--I LOVE IT.
i have a sapphire in my engagement ring too. we're twins. :)

oh yeah, and the wedding pictures are sweeeet.

ktpland said...

Haha thanks! Great minds think alike! x

Em said...

wow - i love the henna. well done on not smudging!

Magical Day Dream said...

I got henna on my last day when I was in India, but I didn't realize it would take so long to dry.. So I needed to sleep with a plastic bag around my arm.. but the result was very pretty :) Love your pictures!

ktpland said...

I know what both of you mean! I slept with it on which was fine till I found I'd rested the back of my hand onto the top of my arm & I had a faint inprint there too! Thankfully my Indian outfit for the next day was long sleeved! x