Wednesday, February 22, 2012

T-minus 191 days

Since getting back to Blighty Adam & I have been working pretty hard at ticking off things from our wedding to do list (can't believe it was 200 days to go on Valentines Day!). We've sent the invites off to print (after I prised Adam away from tweaking his design on the mac!), I've got a few more bits for my outfit & so has Adam, we've planned our next meeting with the Priest & are getting ready to rope in our mates to help with cake toppers, posters, etc. Exciting times!
Also on a side note that delhi belly helped me budge an extra few lbs! Not that I condone this as a good weight loss technique but it sure gives you summit to smile about while you're still feeling a bit sorry for yourself!

Ttfn x

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suzy said...

you are so much more organized than i was! i think we did our invites two months before the wedding...not even...yikes. so last minute. everything.