Monday, January 02, 2012

so last year

On Friday Adam & I hitched a lift into Brum with ma&pa & after a bit of window shopping we caught up with Slink & Niall for some pub grub. They took us to a rather fab place called The Old Joint Stock.
They specialised in pies & after um-ing & ah-ing over which yummy option to order we noticed the Pie Taster Dish for two & wow was it good!
We made sure we all got even parts of our pies & no one got more than the other, Adam & I were close to getting a ruler out & measuring the food, it was that good we didn't want the other to get even a flake of pastry more than the other. Petty?! Us?!
While we waited for the rents to finish at the Symphony Hall we grabbed a pint in a rather chilly Spoons & nattered away about anything & everything (note the new hair colour, I'm dead chuffed with it but how on earth do the hairdressers get my hair so flipping shiny?!).
We couldn't manage another chilly pint in the same place so we headed towards the canal to find another drinking hole to set up camp in. The area looked so lovely lit up for Chrimbo.
By the time we got to the Malt House we didn't fancy another pint so we showed our age by getting a coffee & a hot choc! Sad or what?! I did push the boat out though with whipped cream on my hot chocolate, I'm not quite past it!
Adam's been enjoying his time at ma&pa's doing jigsaws with mum (I've helped on & off when I saw one I knew fitted in somewhere then walked off before getting too engrossed!) this must be what lack of x-box does to him. He needs to keep busy doing something & jigsaws are the answer. If only we had a spare corner at home where we could set up a jigsaw board. Then again we'd need those extra hours adding onto a day if we want to complete jigsaws as well as doing everything else.
Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve. I'll be posting about our evening on Wednesday so stayed tuned (I know y'all can't wait!).

Ttfn x

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Come back soooooooon!!! xx