Monday, January 30, 2012

spring has sprung!

Well in the cleaning sense of the word anyway. Adam & I had a spare weekend so decided to tackle the coal shed & all it's contents. It's the first time since moving in that we actually tidied it out properly. There was loads of junk in there including loads of sheets of broken glass from the previous owners & now it's all spick & span. We must have the tidiest Coal Shed in London!
After spending the morning moving boxes around & labelling things up correctly we took all the extra boxes that were half full back into the house to pack them properly (it was way to cold to do it outside). At this point we realised it was lunch time, had no food in the house & neither of us could be bothered to go & pick something up. That's when good old Papa Johns came to our rescue! I'd weighed myself that morning to find I'd lost 5lbs in 3weeks, yay, so I kinda celebrated with this pizza which I found out is 230calories PER SLICE! Argh! Ah well got another 6 days till I need to weigh myself again so need to get munching on that lettuce! After we carried on sorting for the rest of the day we finally crashed with some of the left over pizza in front of Take Me Out. Let the head see the pillow!
Yesterday Adam popped home to pick up the last odds & sods from his parents before they move next weekend. Keith was about to get rid of his old birdbath so we snapped it up for our garden. We must try to get our little space sorted this year (you know when we have all that spare time between working & planning a wedding?!), we've got quite a few little bits & bobs to put out there so hopefully it won't be too long. Seeing the birdbath in place got me quite excited to get on with it. After finishing off the coal shed & cleaning like mad people we sat down to the last bit of pizza while planning wedding stuff & watching tv. Can't believe it's Monday already though. Rubbish!

Ttfn x


Dad said...

Love the bird bath. All you need is a couple of hammocks

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