Friday, January 27, 2012

Hen Party Hastle

I knew there'd be stress as part I this wedding planning malarkey but I didn't think finding a date to hold my hen party would be one of them.
the Gin Sin cocktail that helped me through!

M.O.H Anna has been trying her best to see if she can juggle dates around so as not to stress me out but she finally sent an SOS text the other day. After a lot of flapping Adam suggested I set up a spreadsheet with all the dates between now & the wedding to see who could do what & guess what?! She was right. I don't have one weekend where all my bridesmaids are free (don't even get me started on time to go dress shopping!).

So I have 2 options:
a) I have to pick a date when I know one person can't make it :-( & how on earth do I choose who misses out?
b) I hold a belated one in October - set the date now & if people can't make it then then it's tough?

I think I've made a choice which one it's going to be but I can't believe it's been so difficult! Give me chair sashes any day!

Ttfn x

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