Monday, January 09, 2012

celebrate good times come on!

This weekend Adam & I celebrated our 5th year together & also our 1st engagement anniversary. If you missed all the excitement about how he popped the big question last year have a look here.

After a pretty busy/stressful week both in & out of work (hence no post on Friday) I enjoyed a lovely lie in before we headed to Boxpark in Shoreditch for Adam to install some vinyls on the windows for the Luke sale.
I've wanted to visit Boxpark for a while. It opened a month or two ago & it's a pop up shopping mall made entirely of shipping containers. I think it's due to last about 5years before something more permanent is to be built on the spot so if you can drop by & see it, it's very clever.
The lower level is all shops & there are restaurants & snacky things upstairs. We grabbed the most amazing ham & cheese french toastie with honey mustard. It was scrummy! I was a bit annoyed cos I'd been doing quite well with my healthy eating 'till then but once I saw this appear on the table I wasn't going to turn it down & enjoyed every last little crumb! The diet can always start again later!
After pottering around the shops we had a little walk around. I always love the graffiti around Shoreditch, you always find something to make you smile!
Slink & Niall were in London to see War Horse this weekend so before they headed to the show we caught up (they'll be sick of the sight of us soon!) for a few drinks. I was dead chuffed cos I actually managed to find a pub in Covent Graden that served Tribute – one of my favourite ales of all time.
Once we'd dropped them off at the theatre we decided we really needed to find somewhere to eat. We couldn't find anything on the TasteCard that took our fancy & Adam fancied ribs so we headed to Bodeans in Soho.
Upstairs looked more like a diner with long benches & there was also a posher restaurant downstairs but we were told it would be about 1hr30min wait so we settled for a nice spot upstairs facing a mirror although it was a bit unnerving watching yourself eat! The food was really yum & I made sure I only ate half of the chip portion in an attempt to be good! See I was thinking of the diet but I think we'll draw a line under that one & start again today! :P
Instead of staying for pudding we decided to walk it off a bit & head for cupcakes so we made our way to Cox Cookies & Cake but it was closed – boo! So we found a random place called madd that did cupcakes (that didn't really taste of much!) but specialised in mango everything! You want it with mango in they had it! The little cafe bit at the back was really nice & everyone was chilling out playing games & chatting away.
After all this we still managed to get home about 10:30pm. I'm not sure where we entered & left the time warp but I didn't think it was possible to cram so much into an afternoon & evening! From now on January's going to be mega busy for Adam & I with work so it was nice to spend time pottering around the city we love without much of an agenda. Roll on February that's all I can say!
Ttfn x

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Slink said...

I've been loving our little catch ups and hope they continue into the rest of the year!!!! :-D xx