Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alternative Wedding Fair

After a lovely long lie on Sunday I headed into town to go to the Alternative Wedding Fair. I'd got free tickets through OMG I'm Getting Married so couldn't refuse! It was held at the Piccadilly Institute which was a great venue - with rooms with names like Noir, Clinic & Fruitbox there was no doubt it wouldn't be fun!
The fashion show ran a bit late but it didn't disappoint. There were outfits by Anissa Lee who's dresses were made entirely out of paper & looked stunning &  Elisabeth Armstrong's dresses were beautiful. (see photos "Amy B," "Ribbons&Roses" & "Lucy C" (l-r in a clockwise direction) 
I had a look around the stalls & picked at some lovely bits of cake as well as the free canapes & open bar! Can't be bad! On my way home on the tube I was going through my bag of goodies & came across a bonbon sized ball wrapped in cellophane. I un-wrapped it & popped it in my mouth to find it started to fizz immediately - that was when I found out I'd put a bath bomb in my mouth!!! I tried to look cool, calm & collected as I spat it back out into it's wrapper & scrambled around for a spare sweet to take the soapy taste away! Hopeless! 
Once I'd regained my composure & got home I carried on with the wedding planning & looked at how much there was left to do. ARGH! There wasn't too much I could tick off! I managed to send off some emails that have been pending though & other things are rolling along nicely. One thing I'll definitely scrub off the list is sweet-looking-soaps cos even if all our guests are clever enough to notice the soapy smell before scoffing them I'd be sitting there foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog - not good for the wedding album!
Ttfn x


Mari said...

all this planning is so exciting! and honestly, those dresses are awesome! when is your wedding date?

- M

ktpland said...

I know it's great fun! The big day is September 1st this year! Eeep! Hope your plans are going well too! x