Monday, January 16, 2012

lazy like a sunday morning

& a Saturday morning. After a busy week for both Adam (working all day & night for a pitch) & I (various meetings & a trip to Florence) so this weekend we had the best lazy time!
Adam isn't one for a lie in (much to my dismay usually!) but after a rather hectic week we ended up not getting up till 2:30pm! Bliss! We'd decided to sleep in the spare room in case downstairs woke us up Saturday morning. This worked to our advantage though cos when we woke up we realised we had the x-box & tv ready so we grabbed a film & a cuppa & lounged around. We watched Lars & The Real Girl ( a fab film if you've not seen it, weird but fab!). My stomach was what finally got us up though & I set off to get us Subway for an afternoon snack.

We spent the rest of the time having a good old spring clean before heading out for dinner on our way to stay at Adam's parents. Jill & Keith are due to move house at the end of the month so Adam keeps popping back to clear out his stuff.

Sunday - Adam was due to get up about 6/7ish to carry on tidying up while I slept in but we both finally got up about 10am! After a few hours of tidying we set off to Westfield Stratford to spend my £25 giftcard I'd got for my birthday from work (don't think I've ever been able to keep a giftcard that long!). I was trying to decide whether I got one good thing or lots of bits from Primarni & Primarni won. I got a red&white polka dot dress & brown brogues & still have £7 to spend at a later date! Love it! While wandering round we managed to pop to the Mr Pretzel stand at least 5 times to grab some freebie bites! I have no idea how that stand makes any money at all cos we love them but we've never bought one - we always eat the samples. We're like bloodhounds & as soon as we sniff cinnamon in the air of a shopping centre we're off & we don't stop till we've found the pretzels! Yum!

After heading back to Jill&Keith's to watch the footie & sort some more stuff we headed home & spent the evening relaxing in front of Take Me Out - nowt better! No Likey No Lighty!

This week's gonna be another busy one for me with a trip to Berlin but thankfully my India trip has been put back 'till Feb so it's not as busy as it could have been. Phew! Hope y'all have a good week!

Ttfn x

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