Friday, January 20, 2012


After a very early wake up on Wednesday at 4am I jumped on a plane & headed to Berlin to see Bread&Butter, the 2nd & last trade fair till the summer.
Once at Berlin I usually step out of the airport, wait for a taxi to pop up & 20min later I'm at the show. This time it didn't run quite so smoothly & it took over an hour thanks to the taxi queue above.  It all started quite orderly, then as people got more & more fed up instead of waiting patiently anyone & everyone jumped in the nearest car which was frustrating but actually cleared the queue quicker! Most of the journey was quite stop/start with heavy traffic & my driver tried to be helpful by taking a detour down some side streets but we ended up stuck behind a dustbin lorry!
The theme of the show was music & all about pushing past the 10 to get to an 11 (it's the 11th year of Bread&Butter). I was surprised how busy the show was, I thought there'd be fewer people travelling but that certainly wasn't the case!
I had a good wander round seeing what was what (making sure I grabbed my favourite free bag of the show!) & left my mark on one of the stand's walls with a "mrs p-to-be woz 'ere" tag *ahem* 225 days to go *ahem* exciting stuff! Anyways back to the show.
Seeing as the show was for AW12 Tommy Hilfiger had their very own glice rink where the models were skating. It looked lovely. On my way to the lunch hall I couldn't resist jumping into the photobooth to show off my new ear muffs! cute or what?! Couldn't resist them!

After grabbing a really late lunch & bumping into Andy, Tony & George at various times I finally met up with Michael & we checked into the Hotel Bogota.
We always stay here & it's steeped in so much history mainly cos of  the people who used to live here. The rate is pretty cheap, you have to share bathrooms but I love it.
As you can see the rooms are really basic & little pug liked it too! Win win!

The next morning we headed straight back to the fair for a few hours before I had to head off to the airport to fly home.
I grabbed my lunch at the "workers canteen" & loved my little desk & pull out stool. The food was scrummy too. I usually sit in the huge food hall but found this gem of an area in one of the side halls. When I was tearing out one of the pictures from a look book I'd picked up I found I'd created a rather scary man in a dress!

As usual I made sure I gave myself 2hrs to get to the airport cos of taxi queues & traffic. I left the fair at 12:55pm & arrived at the airport 1:15pm for a 4:30pm flight! Can't win!
While I waited I thought I'd ordered a fizzy apple juice but ended up with an "aperol spritz" which was prosecco & aperol liqueur! Yoink! It was tasty but not quite what I expected!
I finally boarded my flight & again slept all the way home (partly due to the drink above I think!). I woke up just in time to see these lovely views of London as we came into land.

Thankfully that's the end of travelling for this month but it carries on again in Feb. Phew!
Auf wiedersehen x

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