Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy Birthday/New Year!

New Years Eve always brings with it 2 celebrations for our family - preparing for the new year & celebrating dad's birthday.
This year wasn't just any old birthday it was his 60th. We spent the day doing weddingy stuff (sorry dad!) then we were just relaxing at home when Uncle Colin & Aunty Sue just happened to drop by ;) & we just happened to have a reservation at dad's favourite Indian - The Cinnamon Tree in Coalville.
I ran ahead & smuggled a 60 balloon in & mum arranged for his first pint of Kingfisher to come in a special 60 pint glass. The staff are always brill, have great recommendations, the food tastes scrummy & New Years Eve was no exception. Dad even got a bottle of wine out of it at the end - can't be bad!
We headed home in time for us to grab everything we needed to let off the fireworks Colin & Sue had bought dad for his birthday. I don't think they'd realised what a big box they'd bought though cos it needed to be buried in the ground & then let off 25mtrs away! Our back garden's a good size but not that big so we headed down to a local park.
I'm sure we didn't look that dodgy walking down the road into an unlit park with a spade, hammer & lantern! We dug the hole, buried the box, got a few rockets ready & poured the Champers into plastic flutes just in time to hear the bongs of Big Ben on dad's portable radio.
Then BAM! We were into 2012! Well it wasn't an immediate BAM, it took a while to get the box lit - it ended up with us sticking a rocket into the box of fireworks, lighting the rocket which sent sparks onto the box that set everything else off (don't try this at home kids!!). In between running away from the fireworks I got a few good shots & the odd ooh & aah!
After a lazy morning & proper Sunday Roast (it felt really weird to have New Years Day on a Sunday dunno why it just did) we went for a walk round Sence Valley. I love this shot dad got of Adam & I.
Gotta love the Lumix with it's screen you can turn round to get the perfect arms length myspace-esque shot!
On our way round we saw the usual dog walkers till we saw one very special dog. A little old pug on wheels. He was very determined & oh so cute. He brought such a big grin to my face & I just wanted to pick him up & give him a cuddle.
You can see my new hair colour a bit better on this photo below & how chuffed does Adam look at getting a photo with his mum-in-law-to-be?! This year peeps! I can't believe this year I'm getting married! Argh!
Just as we were getting to the end of our walk the heaven's opened & it seems it started the year as it meant to go on. How horrible has it been these past few days?! Hopefully it'll get all that out of it's system asap. All that's left for me to do is say it one last time - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ttfn x


Eva said...

our new years is the same way, we celebrate and then it's my father-in-law on the 30th. And my sister's birthday is the 23rd. Basically all of December is a celebration, haha :)

Sarah said...

Happy new year to you too! That pug on wheels is so sadly adorable... x

Mari said...

so awesome that you're getting married this year! woohoo!