Monday, January 23, 2012

here, there & everywhere!

new houses, new babies, birthdays & weddings. Wow what a weekend! Think I managed to tick most topics off this weekend.
We woke up on Saturday morning to no water thanks to a burst water main. We both needed to get ready to head out for the day so we popped down to Asda to use their loos & clean our teeth! Thankfully no one came in on me otherwise it would have been very difficult not to look homeless!
Our first stop was to go & see Becca & PJ's new house. They'd only moved in last weekend but we still managed to have a lovely ploughman's type lunch sitting around a slightly too small table with miss-matched chairs. That's what it's all about! They've found a really lovely house & it's going to look fab when they've put their own mark on it & got it all sorted.
Another of our mates Andrew & Alison lived about 20min away & they were throwing a Welcome party for their new baby Sophie. It was lovely to see Emhen & NatNat there too for a catch up after Chrimbo & New Year. I was surrounded by women getting broody! Eeek!
Once we left Croydon we headed over to Hoxton to see Ash for his birthday party at Zigfrid von Underbelly which was a fab place. There were about 10/15 of us & when I wasn't spending hours queueing for the loo it was muchos fun! Happy Birthday Mr!
Sunday was my dedicated Wedding planning day so more of that on Wednesday!
Ttfn x

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