Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - the main event

After our sneaky cream tea we had enough time to have a quick run through of the first dance seeing as we'd only practised it in normal clothes & not a big floaty dress & heels!
After spending the previous day setting the room up we'd thought it looked great then but once the balloons were in place & the lights were one it looked amazing (if I do say so myself!)
One tradition we decided to keep was the line up & I'm so glad we did. It gave us a chance to say a proper hello to each & every person (all 139 of them!).
After everyone was seated & ready for some more grub Mr & Mr P were announced into the room! Yay!
One way we saved a few pennies was to serve the wedding cake as pudding so before we sat down to eat we cut the cake. How great did it look with everyone's names on it?! Again thanks to Slink for her wonderful cake topper. See her website HERE.
Speaking of cake, I surprised Adam with a grooms cake. I'd never heard of one before but after watching hours of watching Ace of Cakes & Cake Boss I decided I'd do one & what else could it be but an x-box controller with an 'achievement unlocked - marriage' notification!
Each table was named after our favourite gigging venues. Our signs were made out of old 7" vinyls & we'd replaced the centre labels with photos of us & written the venue names on the black section, they were them stuck into silver buckets containing bright pink Flaming Katys. Keeping the music theme we decorated the tables with personalised guitar picks & pink & green M&Ms with our wedding date & Mr&Mrs P printed onto them. Also each setting had an ice cream voucher & a guest card. The guest card was another alternative to the guest book & each person had to draw a picture of us on one side & filled in 4 questions on the back like 'how do you know the bride & groom?' 'where do you see us in 10 years time?' & 'any advice for the newly weds?' We've got some great answers (mainly involving us looking after pugs or running a pug farm! obsessed?! us?!) & some brill pictures, our aim is to put them all together in a photo album so we can have a flick through each time we need a giggle!
After our hog roast it was time for the speeches & everyone did so well. Dad's was so touching but thankfully didn't make me blub (though it does now every time I watch it back!), Adam's was really sweet & had a few giggles thrown in & finally Nick's was so funny & so true(!) - I have no idea what they were all so worried about!

Ttfn x

photo's thanks to Chris Barber & Pete.


suzy said...

favourite part is the guitar picks with your info on them. SUCH a good idea!

ktpland said...

we couldn't resist! glad you like them! x