Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wet & wild!

Last night some jive people & I went to a late night opening of London Zoo. When we booked it there were photos of people sitting on the grass & relaxing with glasses of pimms. I'm not sure what city that was supposed to be in but it certainly wasn't London last night! The heavens opened & didn't stop until closing time!

We'd planned to wander round a few animals, sit on the grass chatting & drinking & end up at the silent disco. In actual fact we had to wait an hour for everyone to show up as we got wetter & colder, we ran to the reptile house cos we knew it would be warm & dry, then shot over to the aquairiun & watched the funniest made up musical by a company called musicbox, braved the weather to see the lions & tigers & watched 2 ants biting a leaf to carry back in the bug house (it was more exciting than it sounds thanks to lou & courtney's running commentry!). When it was time to meet everyone at the silent disco we found it on a very soggy patch of grass & I have to say we wimped out! I headed back to meet a very drunk Adam & we went home! All in all it was a fun night, just not how we'd imagined! I was really looking forward to posting about this cos I was expecting some brilliant photos but all I ended up with were these three shots taken before I'd even got there! Haha gotta love the British weather!


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Mari said...

ur pics r so cute lol :)