Saturday, June 11, 2011

A trip back in time to an ancient flitch town

We took a little trip to Great Dunmow today. It's a place we always pass on the drive to Nick & Lisa's house & always say we'll go but never usually get the chance. We'd popped over to give Brandon his birthday present but didn't stay too long so we could explore The Ancient Flitch Town.
We always keep some sweets for the long journeys (not exactly long, we were only travelling for an hour but we still need refreshments!) & I went to get a Fruit Pastel but was greeted by this gooey mass! I kind of nibbled away at the Tootie Fruities but couldn't bring myself to break my jaw on the rest!
We were heading to the gardens of Eastern Lodge but they were closed so we stopped off on a deserted road & just enjoyed a bit of silence surrounded by greenery.
On our way to the town we passed a village pond. We felt a bit guilty when we walked over & all the ducks zoomed to us expecting bread! Maybe we should always keep some in the car for emergency duck visits?!
The houses & church were so pretty & as we drove around it reminded me of the Lilliput Lane models we used to buy for friends in America. We managed to find one property worth just over a million quid - which I'm sure we could stretch the budget to for our new home once we're married! Any donations would be gratefully accepted though!
When we got to Great Dunmow we parked the car & had a bit of a wander around. The shops all had Ye Olde Worlde fronts & were so pretty. It was nice to see somewhere that still survives with independent shops & no WHSmiths or Wilkos in sight. We found another pond where there were ducklings, local kids fishing & a few people lazing around on benches & on the grass. We found an empty bench & enjoyed the unexpected sunshine (after all the miserable weather we've been having). As we were sitting there a little old man from the village came over with his two dogs & started talking to us about the history of the place. He was really fab & wanted us to know everything about the fetes & carnivals coming up as well as what was happening about the planned bypass! He even pointed out the house where War Of The Worlds was written.
Before leaving we decided we had to have a cream tea at a little (rather fab) cafe. I asked for milkshake & was presented with this diet busting thing! I only got half way through before I was convinced I'd explode so had the leave the rest unfortunately.
On the diet note I'm not a happy bunny, I've put on 2lb in 2 weeks so my first forfeit has been set - I have the walk the block round our house, quickly, twice. It may not seem much but you probably ain't seen the hill we live on! I'm blaming the gain on the sheer amount of snot from my cold (sorry a bit graphic I know!) so hopefully by next week I'll be lighter!

Anyways better be off we've got our first engagement session with Lou in Shoreditch & I really need my beauty sleep, once I've actually got to sleep after worrying about what to wear. I've already planned it all but I bet it'll change completely about 5times before I go back to my original plan. Poor Adam, I don't think he knows whether to agree with what I say or not about the outfits I'm flapping so much! Yoink!

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