Thursday, June 02, 2011

Say cheese!

Since Isabelle (Adam's neice) was born I've really enjoyed taking photos of her & Brandon together. Every time we go round to Nick & Lisa's my camera's always in tow with an empty memory card & fully charged battery & I end up clicking away all afternoon. I tend to regret my enthusiam a little bit when I'm faced with so many lovely snaps to go through & edit down enough to fit on a disk, but the feeling of seeing how happy these stills of the 2 of them having fun makes their mum, dad, grandma & pa makes it so worth while.

As proud parents & grandparents do they've been showing my photos around to friends who've been asking about me & if I'd do other people's children too. So with a bit of help from Adam I've got some business cards printed from Moo & now I'm ready & raring to go!
~ The top shot I love, the way Isabelle's hand rests on Brandon's neck as they share such a sweet big bro & little sis moment melts my heart.

~ The middle shot was taken at Banganga Tank in Mumbai, these little kids came running up to me asking for a photo so this is what happened, they're so cute!

~ The bottom shot is a bit of a cliche I know but I'm still proud of it. The original shot had a lot more detail in it but unfortunately it didn't translate that well when printed so it looks a bit dark (this is the 2nd version Moo did of this cos the first was a lot darker but they offered to re-print it for free, yay for customer service!)

If you head on over to my Flikr page you'll see these 3 shots as well as many more ranging from India sights to winter wonderlands & from rockin' gigs to quiet times at the beach. So take a peak if you want & let me know what you think. :)

It's Brandon's 4th birthday party on Saturday so I'm going to leave some cards around for people to pick up if they want. I'm a bit nervous about using my hobby for a wider audience than just family but let's see what happens! I hope the saying never work with children or animals doesn't prove to be true!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I too love putting pictures on my business cards but with MOO my pictures look a little grainy and not too much details can be seen.

I decided to try Print Peppermint. I'm now loving my business cards that I do not want to give them away.