Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go go go!

I'm in a really weird mood at the moment. I feel really bogged down & on the verge of being a stress head but instead of letting it panic me I'm motivated & excited to get going. Normally I'd just call up mum&dad & have a moan & be completly mardy but not today, not this week.
Here's some of what's spinning round my head:
~ Each new month brings money to let me pay off a bit more of my visa which is a great feeling & I've not got long to go now till I'm debt free (well apart from my student loan but that doesn't count in my head!). Each time I transfer money I get a jolt of exitement as I see the total going down. I'm hoping it won't be too hard to not pick up my visa again & get into bad ways of spending, though I'll just need to remember how rubbish I felt before & I'm sure the card will go away again! 
~ My to do list is crazily long with little niggly things but it's all good & I'm makin my way through it slowly but surely. Being able to delete each line is brill!
~ We're really busy at work at the moment which is a great feeling & I'm enjoying it all throughly. Long may it continue.
~ Saturday brings another engagement shoot (weather permitting) with the lovely Lou. I'm nowhere near as stressed about what to wear as I was before & we've got some cute little props in mind.
~ The main thing on my mind wedding-wise is bridesmaid dresses! Crazy I know! I've got 429 days to go but it's still nagging me! It's the one thing I've not had a clear idea about at all but I'm sure once I see it I'll know.
~ I have pretty much no free weekend until my birthday at the end of August & so I'm trying to plan meet ups with mates in September! I can't believe how time is flying by.
~ Camping is the biggy. All the old Lufbra crew are getting together at the start of August & going camping. Now I've never camped so it's gonna be interesting that's for sure. Everyone knows what I can be like so I'm bound to have a little diva strop at some point, then when I've tamed Princess P it'll all be ok again! Adam & I are trying to figure out how much stuff we can get away with borrowing cos we have nothing & I'm not even thinking about the shower situation (a cold tap!) till we arrive! Eep!
But on top of all of this I've still had time to put little hearts on my toe nails! No rest for the wicked eh?! Bring it on!

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