Thursday, June 09, 2011

Painting with Light - Lomography styleee

A couple of months ago I was comp shopping in Shoreditch & came across the Lomography shop. I couldn't possibly see it & walk on by so took a little detour to drool over all the pretty cameras & endless budget breaking possibilities in there. I was looking around & noticed a flyer of workshops that were planned for the evenings & one caught my eye called Paint with Light. It was only a tenner for a talk & 2hr workshop that included the use of a Lomography camera & a roll of film. I jumped at the chance of giving it a go cos I definately can't afford another camera at the moment but this would give me the chance to try out a different model I wouldn't usually go for.
We used the Coloursplash camera along with external coloured flashes & lazer pens to draw with. I've seen loads of these kind of images online & kept meaning to give it a go & now I had the chance. I wish I'd had a tripod for more of the outdoors shots but you can get the idea that things were starting to work. With the camera you pressed the button to take the picture & expose the film for as long as your finger holds it down. There's also a flash that can go off as you lift up your finger in different colours. The winder wasn't the easiest to turn & I'm not sure I'd actually buy one for myself (I'd rather dust off my manual SLR & get some coloured acetates to cover my flash gun) but it was fun to try it out.
It took me so long to get the film processed cos I've been trying to find somewhere to get the right chemicals to develop my own rolls of film using dad's old dark room equipment. We've not quite got the space for a full on dark room (who knows though, the coal shed could one day be converted?!) so for now I wanted to just do the film & scan it in. I was getting all excited researching it but then I got a bit impatient & ended up getting the films done at Asda cos it was so cheap for just the film & a cd with no prints!
I've not been to any more workshops yet but I keep meaning to try out more of them cos it was so much fun & keeps the new ideas coming. It was like going back to uni, working in groups & brainstorming ideas which I've not done for years. I went on my own to this one so ended up pairing off with another girl but it's summit that would be ace with a gang of you doing it all together. Hmm think I'm going to have to take a detour & see if they've got any July/August leaflets & see what else I can get on with.

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mandyface said...

super cool! keep it up these are awesome!

Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! Definitely going to have to pay a visit to the shop and see if they have any more workshops going on.