Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dancing in the streets!

For Father's Day this year ma & pa came down to London to me rather than me heading up to them. We headed into town for the Marylebone Street Fayre which only meant one thing....a ruddy good afternoon of dancing! Jive Nation dusted off the trusty roll up dancefloor & got ready for a boogie. I was dragged up for my first dance by Lou followed by Teddy. I went over to get something out of my bag & turned around to see mum&dad heading for the dancefloor & I thought "aw sweet they're gonna have a little bop," then they completely wowed me by actually jiving! Apparently they've been to classes in secret & were going to shock me at the wedding but couldn't keep still when they heard the music! It was so cool to see them dancing away & I even got to have a few dances with dad which was a lovely way to spend Father's Day.

The only thing left to say is Happy Dad's Day :-)


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