Saturday, June 04, 2011

Busy bee

Wow it feels like it's all been happening the last two days.

Thursday I wasn't feeling too great after catching a minging cold (think it must be an e-cold cos most of the bloggers I follow have one too!) so decided it wasn't fair to go to jive & pass it around. Instead I planned a lovely evening of letter writing & baking for Brandon's party all followed by a nice deep bath. None of this actually happened though cos I locked Adam & I out of the house! Yoink! I assumed (you know what they say about assuming?! Well they're right!) Adam had his keys cos he was in the coal shed so I went to join him shutting the front door behind me. We then stood there Adam in shorts & t-shirt, me in my pjs, none of us had phones or money or anything! We knocked at the house downstairs to see if we could borrow a phone & a yellow pages for a locksmith while Adam tried to rememer his parent's number. Thankfully for our wallets Adam remembered it & at 9:10pm, 2hrs later, Adam's dad (the hero!) came with his set if keys! Let's just say I wasn't the most popular person that night & we didn't even get tea before we went to bed!

Friday night was slightly more successful, we stayed in the house so that's a bonus! I ended up going to asda twice cos I kept forgetting stuff (we still didn't get milk!). While I was there I was trying to find greeseproof paper but couldn't see it, I asked an assistant for help & he got it out right under my nose & he told me I should hve gone to specsavers! Cheek! But so true! I finally got down to baking my choc-chip banana bread about 9pm & I can't wait to tuck into it later today. Maybe I'll keep one secretly stashed away at the party so I can nibble away at it?!

This morning I got up extra early so I'd have time to get stuff ready & relax a bit. We still ended up rushing out the door 15min late & I didn't even get time to paint all my toe nails so just painted the ones that'll show in my shoes!

Let's hope the weekend goes a bit more slowly & calmer. What am I saying?! I'm going to a 4year old's party armed with my camera! It's gonna be anything but quiet! At least it's sunny though & I get to wear my new hat! Yay!


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Claire - English Wedding blog said...

Wow - that's an eventful blog post! Just wanted to say I'll be having words if I catch your e-cold (liking the concept though!) - and I LOVE your tattoo.
Claire xx