Tuesday, June 07, 2011

News from the sexy snot monster

Well the sexy part ain't true but the rest of it is! Yuck! At least it means you get lots of space on the train if you blow your nose just as people are getting on at stations!

Had a lovely time at Brandon's party on Saturday & most importantly my baking went down really well. So well infact people were convinced it had been bought from Waitrose! Not Tescos, Waitrose! Get in! Also got lots of great photos that I'm getting through slowly & one mum was interested in getting some photos done & took my business card so here's hoping.

Adam & I stayed over till Sunday when it was actually Brandon's birthday & he had his card shown on CBBC! Lisa had drawn Bob The Builder for him & sent it in. I always wanted to have my card shown on there so was pretty jealous! Maybe someone will do it for me this year for my 27th?!

We headed off for a Whetherspoons breakfast (still no black pudding! Grr!) & dosed ourselves up on cold & flu tablets. At 11am we went to a vintage wedding fayre held at a castle. The grounds were lovely but the stalls were a bit samey, nice but samey. How many tea cups can you see before it gets a bit too much?!

They had a lovely cake tent though where we had a mid-morning snack while listening to the live singers & jive dancers (I had to sit on my hands to stop myself joining in!)

Yesterday I popped into work to get ready for a meeting today then headed home again cos I really did feel rough. Annoying thing was I ended up travelling for longer than I was actually in the office & now the meeting's been cancelled anyway! Adam took the whole day off too & picked me up from the station, we bought soup & then felt sorry for ourselves all afternoon!


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