Tuesday, May 07, 2013

#BEDM - Day 8 - First Job

My first job was a bit different to say the least. I was a Grave Stone designer!

It was part of my work experience at school & while everyone else was stacking shelves or working at a desk I was designing images to go on real grave stones. I was a bit scared at first cos its a big responsibility & you don't want to get it wrong! I soon got into the swing of things though & I had a great time. 

By the end of my week I had designed 3 different headstones - one with chess pieces, another with a helicopter (both that had to be gold leafed by yours truly also) & the last one was a painting of an angel that was sand-blasted first then I had to hand paint all the details.

It was a great experience & the guys I worked with were lovely. Even though I only spent a week there I always think of it & smile when people talk about their first jobs! 

Ttfn x

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