Saturday, May 04, 2013

#BEDM - Day 4 - Five Fave Blogs

Although I follow quite a lot of blogs through Bloglovin there are definitely 5 that I look forward to reading & they are:

*drum roll please*

~ THIN ICE - Slink's been a really good friend sine Freshers Week at uni. She helped me to see that there is a whole wide world of music outside of Steps & Blue(!) & she (as well as Art & Niall) helped me to grow up quite a lot. She also introduced me to blogging when I was in India (so you've got her to thank for all these posts now :P) & made our fab cake topper for the wedding. Miss Slink, you rawk!

~ SUZY KRAUSE + THE SKYSCRAPERS - I managed to find Suzy through another blog & I love her updates & quirky views on life. I also love the fact that whenever I read her blog I say her name wrong in my head & I've only just noticed! I've always call her Suzy Karoozy cos it rhymes!

~ LITTLE BLOG OF HORRORS - not only is her blog name inspired by one of my favourite films/shows of all time but Ayden is a pretty cool cucumber too! She has great style, lovely tattoos & an interesting job, what's not to like?!

~ DISTRACT ME NOW PLEASE - I first discovered Liz's blog on Christmas morning when I opened my fab Blogger Secret Santa pressie & we've been stalking *ahem* reading each others blogs ever since!

~ THE DAINTY SQUID - What's more to say than look at her hair!! AWESOME! Kaylah has a fab look & her collections are brill!

So that's me & my top 5 people I like to stalk on a daily basis!

Ttfn x

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Slink said...

Aw wow! I LOVE that I'm in your top 5 blogs! I feel awesome now! :-D xx

ktpland said...

And so you should! X