Saturday, May 04, 2013

#BEDM - Day 3 (belated!) - Day In The Life

Here was my Friday (bit delayed I know but the pub lasted longer than expected - nothing new there then!):
*getting ready for work  *my tidy-ish desk  *desk getting messier  *drive home from work - why is there always traffic when you need to get somewhere (I was stationary at this time & not just taking photos while driving!)  *from now on there should have been photos of me getting more & more excited seeing Blue but I decided to sell both tickets seeing as no one would go with me! :S So I had to pass over my tickets at the venue to a really sweet German girl who really appreciated them & had a great time (according to a lovely tweet this morning!)  *drinks in a pub garden/carpark  *the setting sun, I'd almost forgotten what it looked like!  *heading home ready for a long weekend! Woop!

Enjoy your long weekends folks!
TTfn x

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