Friday, May 10, 2013

#BEDM - Day 10 - Travel Dreams

This post would go on & on if I started to list everywhere I dreamed of visiting (it would even include the moon - no joke!). Instead I'll focus on one dream that I've had for quite a while that by the end of this year will have finally come true. I'm talking about visiting JAPAN! Whoop!

We finally figured out money & now that Adam & I both have new jobs, it'll make the trip more fun & we won't have to budget all our meals by taking packs of Monster Munch with us! We're both really excited & can't wait for our 8night stay in a country we've both always wanted to visit. Yay!

Now the next challenge after Japan is to get Adam to India.....I'm still working on that one!

Ttfn x

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