Thursday, May 02, 2013

#BDEM - Day 2 - Spring Has Sprung

I love the way spring brings a fresh feel to the year. Winter is still my favorite season but I love the way once the clocks go forward you wake up & drive home in daylight (sometimes even sun if you're lucky!)

This year I hope Adam & I can get outdoors & explore our neck of the woods a bit more. A few weeks ago when ma&pa were down we drove to a park I'd driven past to see what it was like & it was brill.
 photo 2walk_zpsa1f59e7f.jpg
It almost felt like we were nowhere near London - until we reached the top of the hill & were greeted with an amazing view of Wembley & the rest of London, all the way to the Shard. Wowzer!
 photo 3walk_zps0b9b8454.jpg
Can't wait to make more of that little gem in our neighbourhood :-)
 photo 1walk_zps68adefc6.jpg
Ttfn x

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