Friday, November 02, 2012

A Right Royal Hen Party - just call me ma'am as in jam!

Last weekend was AWESOME! FACT! I had an awesome time with awesome friends doing awesome things! Get the picture?! It was pretty darn swell!
I met up with Anna & Lou on the Friday evening for a posh cocktail at the Skylon before grabbing a bite to eat at Strada on the Southbank & heading to our hotel for the weekend. I walked into the room I was sharing with Anna to be greeted with this! How brill?! She'd even super imposed my face onto the queen! Love it! By this point everything was still a surprise & I had no idea what was going on, on top of the postcards I'd had a while back (see post HERE) I'd also had one recently that was just full of song lyrics. I've since had it pointed out to me that each line hinted at something we'd be doing, I've never been good at cryptic puzzles so this was lost on me totally! I've highlighted the lines throughout this post so you can see what a clever thing Anna is! The first two were "Just that sweet little mystery that's in your heart..." & "Sitting in my hotel, looking through the window at the people in the street..."
"When I come to London I can get lost all day. So I get my directions then I'll be on my way cause I look like a tourist roaming all these streets. And if you come to London you will know what I mean..." Saturday morning we got ready to go out & met a few other Hens along the way. I still had no idea where we were heading but we jumped on a bus & ended up outside Drink, Shop & Do. Woop!
"I first met you hanging knickers on the line. From that moment on. I knew that there could only be one outcome. Me & you against the world forever..." Once inside I found out we'd be doing a group activity of Embroidering Panties with an Afternoon Tea! It was brilliant fun & I've never heard a room of girls go so quiet with concentration while we were doing it! I  worked on a pin up girl with a scroll saying 'Mrs P' but I nattered a bit too much & didn't quite finish mine, not sure I'm brave enough to finish them on the tube on the way into work though so it'll be a homework project!
The food was delish & we got to try loads of different flavour teas as well as sipping on our Bellini! D'harling!
"Then in flies a guy who's all dressed up just like a Union Jack...." We headed back to the room to get ready for the evening's main event. I was shut in the loo for a bit while Anna got everything ready(!) & was released to see a row of medals for me to award to deserving people, a crown, pearls & a sash. I was about to be transformed into The Queen!
"All in all it was all just bricks in the wall, All in all you were all just bricks in the wall...."Again I ended up on another mystery transport ride & ended up on Brick Lane for a wonderful curry at Monsoon. Always a winner!
The theme for the evening was 'Best of British' so we had everything from my own personal guard to a policewoman, Alice in Wonderland to Mary Poppins, Adam Ant to David Bowie, Robin Hood to Hermione & even a red post box which was brilliant!
After our dinner we hopped back onto the tube to party the night away "We're gonna have a party, let's get down tonight...."
Our venue for the evening - no other than Strawberry Moons! It wouldn't be a London Hen Party without a visit there! I'd never been & was great fun, full of cheesy tunes to keep us going into the small hours. Even mum managed it! It was ace!
After a not-nearly-long-enough lie in I dragged my bum out of bed & into the shower. Lou popped round with a McD's breakfast to revive me which definitely helped! Our final destination for the fab weekend was Fortnum & Mason. I'd never been in before & loved it. We went up in the tiny lift to be faced with The Parlour. A beautiful ice cream parlour full of yummy goodness!
"And I love to live to pleasantly, live this life of luxury, lazing on a sunny afternoon...." some people were brave & had savoury dishes as well as huge ice creams but I couldn't even manage my sundae, which as coincidence would have it was called 'lazying on a sunny afternoon!' It was delish which was proved again by the room going totally silent!
Just before it was time to say our fond farewells I was handed a big box of memories. I opened it up & inside were envelopes with different dates on for when I have to open them & underneath were all the comments from my facebook wall from when Adam & I got engaged. It's so sweet to look back on everyone's messages. It was at this point & when I said goodbye to people I wept like a baby! Yoink!

I had such a brill weekend & really appreciate everyone who made such an effort to come out & celebrate with me. A mega thanks goes to Anna for sorting it all out & thanks to Lou for being her right hand woman! All my other fab hens were - Michelle, Lisa, Jenna, mum, Aunty Sue, Emhen, Sam, Anna, Slink, Becky, Kaz, Laura, Lizzibeth, Scary, Kat, Alison, Mel & Ola. Phew! Y'all rock! x

Now that everything's over I'm kinda dreading the post wedding/hen blues & hope they're not going to hit too hard but I can already feel them creeping in the background. Boo! Ah well guess I've still got Wedding Wednesday - it'll keep me sane even if you's lot are all fed up with it!

Ttfn x


Anna said...

whoop whoop, it wouldn't have been fab without an 'up for anything (most things)' bride to organise it for! x

ktpland said...

aw you da bomb! x

stevenjared0853 said...

Great ideas and efforts! Your Hen's party is full of fun. Went for a baby shower of my friend at one of the alluring rental spaces for parties last week. Her husband did all the arrangements in an exotic way. Tasty lunch, yummy cake and branded drinks were appreciated by all guests.