Friday, November 23, 2012


I apologise now for the lack of pretty pictures decorating this blog post but it turns out I share Too.Much.Info with y'all! Blogger has turned round & told me I've reached my limit of photos I can upload through Picasa (didn't even know that was how I was doing it or that there was a limit) so I'm trying to figure out the route of uploading through Photobucket but am having trouble getting the images the right size (I know I'm boring you all but hey stick with me!), so if anyone is a whizz kid at these kind I things please let me know. For now it's back to the interwebs to search for help!

Ttfn x


suzy said...

ooh! i can help with that.

on the photobucket album page, hover over your picture until the HTML code shows up. copy and paste that into your blog post {but make sure you're in HTML mode; the toggle is just to the top left of your post.}

right before this tag /> at the end of the html, just put width="700"

and then, obviously, adjust the number for the width of your blog! :)

ktpland said...

you're a star thanks soo much! wouldn't want the world of blogging missing out on my face for much longer! :P x