Monday, November 12, 2012

Minimoon Monday - cows, flowers, devils & more sand

I can't believe I've reached the end of our Minimoon Monday series. Thanks for sticking with me through it all & hopefully it'll make you want to visit the fab place that is Jersey soon?!
We realised we were about to leave without any photos of Jersey cows (shocking I know!) so when we passed by a field of them we had to stop to say hi. Adam has never been very good with nature being a Town Mouse after all so no sooner had he walked up to the field he was stung by nettles & then when he reached out to stroke a cow he got an electric shock off the fence! Oh dear! After I'd stopped giggling & Adam's arm had stopped shaking we noticed all the cows were walking away from us & towards a tourist bus, it was hilarious they way they all stood there & stared at the bus while everyone on the bus sat & stared at them & took photos! I don't know who was more fascinated!
Our next stop was the Battle of the Flowers Museum. Next time we head to Jersey I really want to be there for the Battle of the Flowers it sounds & looks beautiful. We weren't sure what to expect of the museum cos it was a bit off the beaten track but after we'd paid our entrance to a really friendly lady we were pleasantly surprised. We didn't expect it to be as big as it was & all the pieces were made by Florence Bechelet over the year who first started taking part in 1934 & still had her float this year. I was in awe of all her beautiful work. Sadly I've just googled Florence & found out she passed away on the 25th September (see the article from the Jersey Evening Post HERE) & it looks like the museum will close :( I hope it doesn't come to this & all her work gets forgotten about but we were the only people walking around the whole time so maybe they're not making enough money. Sad times. 
We drove back up to the north of the island for some pub grub & then went to explore the Devil's Hole.
On our wander down we passed loads of inquisitive sheep who wanted to know who was disturbing their Sunday lunch?! We also watched the world go by from a bench looking out to sea but it was a bit misty & we couldn't see much so we didn't stay long.
When we got our first glimpse of the hole I made Adam run round to the viewing platform & stand there before anyone else came along. I love this photo of Adam looking so small & looking down to the abyss.
We decided to give El Tico another go for dinner & this time made sure we got there for when they opened! Thankfully this time we got a seat this time & the food was brill.
After dinner we went down onto the beach & I got some lovely silhouette jumping shots of Adam while the sun went down on our last night in Jersey *sigh*
All too soon we woke up the next morning, had our last yummy breakfast (before coming home to Weetabix & Cheerios!) & set off for the airport. Boo! As you can see we were so happy to be heading home & back to normality. Grr!

Our little Minimoon seems like a dream now but thankfully we've still got Japan (our big Honeymoon) to plan & we can't wait to get it all booked & sorted. Yay! I love how long we're making our wedding celebration last! ;) You must have realised by now I don't do things by half! :P

Ttfn x

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