Monday, November 05, 2012

Minimoon Monday - a bit of exploring & a lot of sunshine

We couldn't believe we'd been in Jersey for 6days & not had a proper cream tea in a tea room! Adam had seen that there was a vintage one in St Helier so after a bit of Saturday morning shopping we decided to head there for a homemade scone & a cuppa all served in wonderfully mismatched china surrounded by vintage clothing & music.
It was a bit out of the way but well worth the hunt so don't miss it! The owner was really friendly & recommended loads of places to go & things to see, sadly it was our penultimate day so we didn't have much time to do them all but it's added things to our list of things to do when we come back!
Adam got all celebratory when we passed through Liberation Square & joined in with the people cheering! Talking of Liberation....
....we stopped off for a cheeky pint of Liberation Ale. The pub was a proper old mans pub & the beams were decorated with beer mats. Perfick!
Seeing as our Jersey Pass had run out we decided to spend the rest of the day driving round exploring more of the island. We set off from St Helier, past Gorey to the North-East, we were planning on driving as close to the coast as possible & ended up stopping off at St Catherine's pier. The weather was incredible & it was so hot, if only we'd carried spare clothes we could have had a swim in the sea (off a boat ramp & there was no sand you see so I was happy!)
Adam decided on another way to cool down & went to buy an ice cream that was almost as big as his head! I think he practically got brain freeze from trying to eat it quicker than it melted! After a stroll out to the end of the pier we were melting a bit ourselves so we headed back to the beautiful St Ouens Bay for a relax & a paddle (guess who was relaxing & guess who was paddling?!).
That's right, I sat there on a towel trying to stop the sand & bugs getting on me while Adam when into the sea for a quick dip (keeping his hat on!).
By this point we were a bit parched so we decided to visit St Aubin to see what it had to offer. It was certainly the place to be on a Saturday night so we sat down for a cider in a beer garden looking at all the boats in the bay as it got busier & busier with people out for the night.
On the way for dinner we went to search the rock pools for crabs, but after no such luck we set off for dinner at an Indian down the road before driving down the now (thankfully) familiar roads without needing to read a map by the light from our phones!

Ttfn x
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