Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wedding wednesday - top of the cake toppers!

As soon as we started planning the wedding I knew I wanted a special cake topper. One that could be kept for years as a memory of our big day & there was no one better to capture us than Slink.
I first met Slink when she was this really cool rock chick in the same hall as me at uni & I was obsessed with all things Steps & Blue related. Goodness knows why (or how) we got on so well but we managed it & gradually along with the help of a few mates & being dragged kicking & screaming (sometimes through bushes - you know who you are!) to rock nights my own rock godess awoke & we became much better mates seeing as we didn't have to argue over which version of Under The Bridge was better Red Hot Chilli Peppers or AllSaints (I'm still ashamed that was even a discussion!). At the end of 2nd year when we'd been living together Slink made me a little model of me which still sits on our fireplace today (minus an arm thanks to the move! :S) & even though the style was a lot simpler than her masterpieces today she still managed to catch my personality in there & that's what we wanted for our cake topper.

I asked Slink about making a mini Adam & KtP & provided her with a pack of photos & images of what we'd be wearing. Much to her dismay I refused to see any of the initial work apart from a rough sketch so that it would be a surprise when it was finished. The night before the wedding was the grand unveiling of the model & I couldn't wait to see what was inside the box. In all my excitement I started to peel back the bubble wrap then shrieked when I realised it was me in my dress, the same wedding dress I'd been keeping secret for 18months, & there was Adam about to get a sneak preview the night before, *shock gasp* thankfully it had been wrapped so well that all he saw was that the dress was white, which come on, probably wasn't a shock at all! Phew! Once I'd shown Adam his part of the model I shooed him away & got the chance to see the whole thing & wow! It was amazing! She'd got every little detail in there (including my famous foot tatt! :P).

This little lady has so much talent & I can't wait to look at our cake topper years down the line sitting on the fireplace next to my little KtP model from all those years ago & smile at all the great memories the two models hold. I know you read this Miss Slink (seeing as you introduced me to blogging over 7years ago! Eep!) so I wanted to say thank you so so much. We were so happy you could be part of our special day & we couldn't have hoped for better. You're a gem. How about an Eddies to celebrate?!

If you want to take a peek at this fab gal's fab work then click the link HERE & please do her work is stunning!

Ttfn x


Slink said...

Aw... I totally just filled up reading this!... Which isn't doing much for my rock n roll credentials! Not used to having a blog post dedicated to me... Its made my heart smile today. I loved making this for such an awesome couple. Love to you both! Xx

Ps. Did someone saw Eddies? :-D xx

ktpland said...

Haha love it! Will call about Eddies soon! Rawk! x