Friday, September 07, 2012


After waking up after Cess' wedding the night before & peering out of our tent to find people half hanging out of their tents still fast asleep we set up our stove & made beans on toast while they all emerged. We had the rest of the day free so we decided to head to Weymouth. I've not been there since I was about 5 & it was my first British sea-side holiday. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea & we finally got there in time for lunch & what else could you have but proper fish & chip shop scampi & chips watching the boats go by. Bliss!
The sea wall was full of kids fishing for crabs, not sure what the aim was or if you threw them back afterwards but it seemed like THE thing to do!
We had a bit of a wander around & really liked the place, it was so quaint!
After a venture onto the beach (I normally hate sand between my toes but hey I survived, there's hope for me yet!) I had an Oyster Shell & Adam opted for a 99 which came to a rather sad/hilarious ending depending your position in the events (see my other post HERE). To help Adam recover from the ordeal we set off to the arcade & it must have really shook him up cos he couldn't win anything on the grabby machines. Just as we were leaving a woman came up to us & asked if we wanted her Angry Bird, we looked a bit puzzled but she said she didn't like birds(?!) so I still got a toy out of it anyway!
All too soon it was time to head home (boo) so we sat in traffic for a bit longer trying to avoid routes in trusty TomTom before reaching home & crashing on the sofa.


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