Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cess & Dan's wedding 17.08.12

A few weeks ago it was Cess' wedding down in Dorset. After a rubbish drive down (it was supposed to take 2.5hrs, it was more like 4.5!) we finally pulled into a field rather frazzled with a hour to put up a tent, get changed & eat before we were due to join the party for the evening reception. Luckily the tent behaved & went up in record time, we threw on our clothes but had to forget food for now. We picked up Emhen & Luke from their tent on the way & walked to the farmyard next door to stunning magical marquee.
It was so Cess&Dan & was perfect. We met Becca & PJ in there, grabbed a G&T from a wonderfully cheap homemade bar & sat on a hay bale soaking in the atmosphere.
Everyone was called into the main marquee for their first dance which was great fun & had everyone else up dancing together by the end. The great music carried on all night thanks to their mates DJ-ing & Dan even doing a set of his own!
We went for a wander to the portaloos in one of the outbuildings & it just looked so pretty there were even fairylights in the loos! While waiting in a queue we kept ourselves entertained with the comedy masks!
We danced the night away (I was originally wearing platforms but they soon came off in favour of my wellies!) & leaped on the Moroccan buffet before heading back to our tent about half midnight & snuggling down in our sleepingbags while the music thumped on!

Ttfn x

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