Monday, September 17, 2012

Bow before my famous foot (tattoo)

I was over the moon a few weeks ago when Adam sent me a photo of Total Tattoo magazine with a rather familiar foot in there. There was an article all about Matt Black (& how awesome he is) & when they'd included photos of his work there was my foot in all it's glory!

As if that wasn't enough we were in HMV the other day & found a book called Tattoo Showcase edited by Lal Hardy. Seeing as Adam & I both go to New Wave (Lal Hardy's shop) we thought we'd see what was in there & yet again there was my foot!

It's so cool to think that people share the love for my foot tattoo. I'm so proud of it & I do get asked about the design a lot. Even my parents kind of like it so it must be good! Matt is a brilliant artist & really helped me feel at ease in that last hour where I was practically crawling on the ceiling! He's a real gentle giant. He sketched the design out onto my foot (no stencil) & started with all the line work, once this was done instead of shading areas he filled them in with loads of tiny little dots. I think this is what makes it so special & that bit more unique.

So next time you meet me make sure you kiss my exhibitionist foot & marvel in all it's glory!

Ttfn x

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