Friday, September 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy Friday

Naturally I'm a very smiley person & I’ve never had one of those closed mouth grins (I just look like I’ve got wind!), mine is a ‘wow look at my teeth I’m mega happy’ grins. I’ve never been a particularly Vain Jane but one thing I knew I wanted sorting before the wedding was my front tooth. It’s dead & so always has been a darker grey colour than my other front tooth & so was spoiling my beauty(!!).
It all started when I was at infant school, I was running in the playground (always said physical activity was bad for you!) then I fell over & put my front tooth through my lip. I didn't think much of it as I grew up but one day I noticed it looking a bit grey so when I went to the dentist next I spoke to him & he asked if I'd knocked it. After mum & I thought long & hard we remembered when I'd fallen over & to cut a long story short it turned out I’d killed the tooth when I fell all those years ago.

We tried everything to make it white. I had a root canal, they filled the back of it with bleach, I wore a gum shield at night filled with bleach....the list was endless & nothing worked. The only thing left to try was a veneer or crown.

At the start of July I had my first appointment. They had to file the tooth down enough for the veneer to fit over the top & take an impression. I hadn't thought much about it but when I came out of the dentist & looked in the mirror I was so upset at the colour of my tooth & it made me really self-conscious, underneath the enamel it was such a dark brown. I spent the next few weeks trying to talk & grin either while hiding behind my hand or by hardly opening my mouth which I’m sure made a point of it more than if I’d just ignored it!
A few weeks later I went back to the dentist to have my new tooth fitted. I was so excited that I’d finally have it all sorted in time for the wedding. I knew it would never match 100% & that trying to match the front tooth was one of the hardest things to do seeing as it’s so visible but I’d hoped for the best. I sat there while she fixed it into place & glanced into the mirror. It had a slightly grey tint still but looked ok. I said thanks & went on my way. I sent a photo to mum&dad & Adam & when I looked at the photos it didn’t look quite right. It was still discoloured. My stomach dropped as I called the dentist back & said I was really disappointed at the outcome & it turned out it had been too thin so the discolouring still showed through.
I ended up having to go back to have the new veneer chipped/drilled/filed off (as horrible as it sounds though thankfully I didn’t feel a thing cos the tooth’s dead) & had a new impression made. I was then left with another minging brown tooth for a couple of weeks. Boo. Finally the day came & I was so nervous that it still wouldn’t be right. I sat in the seat & she rested the new veneer on to see how it would look. It had the worst ecru tint to it & didn’t match my other pearly white at all. Nooooo! By this point we had less than a month till the wedding & my dentist was due to go away before than so we had a week to get a new veneer made & fitted. Stressful much?! Thankfully the lab managed to get a new thicker but whiter one made up & when this one was laid on it looked really good. I didn’t relax until she’d finished fixing it in place & I’d looked at the tooth from all angles in all different lights. Again it still wasn’t 100% but it was pretty darn close & the best I could ask for. It meant I could grin away like a loon on my wedding day without looking weird & that was a good job cos I couldn’t stop smiling all day.
 Ttfn x

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