Monday, September 24, 2012

Minimoon Monday - our journey to Jersey

I know you've not seen the wedding pics yet but I thought seeing as it's Monday & we're back at work & it's a whole 4 more days till the weekend again I'd start to share some snaps from our Minimoon to Jersey to brighten your day! 
We picked Jersey cos all our mates who've been there have loved it & Adam used to go when he was little, we knew it would be chilled out & fun & not too much of a long haul flight after a very busy week & we could make the week long trip as relaxing as we wanted. We're still planning on our proper megaly exciting Honeymoon next year for our first anniversary where we'll be heading off to explore Japan & everything it has to offer. We can't blimmin' wait!
Our hotel was called the Wheatlands & was on a golf club in the middle of nowhere, (though not too far from anywhere in our little hire car, we soon figured out that nothing is very far away from anything there!), they also had a nature trail with red squirrels. With those 2 points I was sold! Though I wasn't lucky enough to spot a red squirrel it was a fab hotel & they were so amazingly helpful with everything, including providing us with a DVD player in the room - oh get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn't for that kind of DVD I can assure you!
On our first afternoon we popped into St Helier to pick up our Jersey Pass. It was £50 for 4days & as long as we did 5 things we'd got your money back. We did that & way more so it was really worth every penny.
After a bit of a wander around the main street & possibly stumbling into HMV to buy The Hunger Games (we loved the books but missed it at the cinema & it had only come out that day, hence the request for a DVD player in our room - how sad are we?!), we walked down to the beach & looked out to sea.
We were just sitting there nattering about anything & everything to do with the wedding when all of a sudden I spotted some big ears on a little dog & knew it had to be a French Bulldog! Let me introduce you to Mo! As well as my love (obsession) for pugs I also adore French Bulldogs & when Adam went down to get a closer look we ended up having a great chat with the people looking after him & they gave us some great recommendations of what to do & see during our time. Everyone was really friendly in Jersey & it was refreshing compared to the silence of the London Tube (apart from during the Olympics!).
After saying bye to Mo & before setting off for dinner we watched the sun setting on our first day in Jersey & so far we were impressed! We had an Italian meal before heading back to the hotel, fairly early, so we could get on with watching the Hunger Games! :P
When we got in we popped open the Champagne (we also shared some with the carpet!), read the card left for us & nibbled the chocolates while watching a pretty violent (but thankfully not as bloody or scary as it could have been) film before crashing & sleeping like babies!

Join me next Monday to see what other mad capers we got up to!
Ttfn x

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