Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wedding wednesday - preps for the big day!

The day before our wedding was pretty jam packed but with the help we had from family & friends they made sure we put the saying 'many hands make light work' well & truly to the test! Thanks to each & every one of you, we couldn't have done it without you :)
The big job for the boys was to figure out how to hang all 19 posters (that Adam had slaved over) around the venue. You have no idea how long this one took to hang seeing as it was the first one & it would be the one people would spend the most looking at cos it was the table plan & needed to be perfect - no pressure then! I wouldn't say the remaining 18 were a doddle but at least they knew what needed to be done!
Ma&Pa took charge of hanging all the bunting that had been loving made by both mums & looked amazing. We were really lucky with our venue (even if I didn't like the colour of the walls originally!), instead of just the one room where everything happened we had 7 to play with & so needed them to all to link & that's where the bunting really worked & tied everything together. We also set out all the separate tables in the corridor & put everything where it should be.
Michelle, Anna & Lou did a fab job decorating the Silly Space with more bunting & old vinyls we'd picked up on our engagement shoot with Chris. They added the finishing touches of the blackboards & pugs (one of which went for walkies after the wedding & hasn't been seen since so if you're in the Leicestershire area & see a lonely pug floating by please get in touch *sniff!*). Chris also brought some other far more fab props but hey this was a start!
By this point it was time for refreshments so while the boys still figured out the posters the girls went out to grab some grub. I was dreading the mile long special orders we had for Subway but they dealt with it really well, not so sure the rest of the people waiting behind us would agree but hey I was a bride to be & I needed feeding! Rarr!
As well as the posters in the corridor the ones in the cream tea room were coming along nicely too. My favourite numbers poster was here too with lots of things that linked back to us. Think I can honestly say that the number of Bridezilla moments didn't go up from 6 I don't think (you might have to ask Adam though). So many people came up to me on the day asking what they'd been but I honestly can't remember!
Michelle & I then tackled the 'Adam&Katie Get Hitched' lettering to hang outside - who knew it would be so difficult to figure out but we eventually got there without too much brain ache!
Adam's dad arrived with the magic electric drill to build the sweetcart he'd made for Nick & Lisa's wedding, that we hijacked & Jenna might have next! It's like a family heirloom! I still can't believe he made it all from scratch, he's one clever man! We (well dad, & he's got the burns to prove it) made our sweet bowls out of melted 12" vinyls & they looked brill. We filled them with a variety of sweets & yummy cakepops that Ma&Pa spent all day making previously, they were worth it though & tasted great.
After a few last tweaks on the tables in the main room all that was left was to show the rest of Adam's family round & check all was in order before we left to go to church for our rehearsal.
When we walked into church we saw all the flowers & balloons in place I got a jolt of excitement that this would be where I'd marry Adam the next day! Woop! I've sat in those choir stalls ever since I was about 11 singing for other people's weddings (used to get £1 for every wedding, wouldn't miss out on that would I?!) I'd always dreamt it would be me one day but never knew when (or if) it would happen, but there I was standing next to my husband-to-be going through our vows!
After the rehearsal we all went for dinner to the pub next to the hotel where all the wedding party (except me, my bridesmaids & ma&pa) would be staying. We picked up quite a few stragglers, *ahem* other guests, along the way & had the whole area reserved for us upstairs. It was really fun to chat with everyone before the big day hit & I was too busy having fun to sit down for a proper catch up. All to soon though it was time to head back to ma&pa's so I said bye to my fiancee (I couldn't quite get it into my head that the next time I'd see him would be at the altar, eep!) & we piled into the car to head home. All that was left for us to do was paint our toenails, tick off the final things on the to do list wrapped around the kitchen & head off to the land of nod. We were all so bushed we couldn't even make it into the hottub with a glass of bubbly! Lame! I did stay up till midnight though messaging Adam on Pair, we were very good though & when it turned midnight we both logged off & I went to sleep clutching my pug beanie he's bought me for Chrimbo!

Tune in next week for another installment of Wedding Wednesday!
Ttfn x


Anna said...

Thanks for the mention on the silly space... i have to own up tho... i didn't actually do anything. Michelle and Lou should get the rightful thanks :)

Anonymous said...

:) I don't think I've ever worked so hard on a wedding before. Loved every minute of the preparations. Especially the cuppa that Anna and Michelle sorted out for us!! :D

ktpland said...

Anna I can't believe I thought you'd worked hard on that too what were you doing all day?! :P
Lou's right though the cuppa was awesome, so I guess all's forgiven! x