Monday, July 04, 2011

notes from a domestic goddess

I'm really getting into this baking malarkey, it's quite good fun! I saw this idea on Dainty Squid's blog about how to do Rainbow Cupcakes so I thought I'd give it a go.
Starting with a kids cupcake kit from Asda, once mixed I went to town on the food colouring!
I spooned the different colours into the cases randomly. The blue was a bit runny cos of the amount of dye I'd had to use so it wasn't as strong as I've had liked.
Next I bunged them in the oven & watched like a little kid as they rose & got all excited! I even dragged Adam off x-box to come & have a look!
Once they'd cooled I got Adam & we decorated the cakes with bits & bobs ready for our second engagement shoot with Lou. We'll get the photos back next week & I can't wait to see them, at least the weather was way better than our first trip which you can see here. When I went to get Adam it was quite funny cos he was playing a really macho game with his mates & other people online & had to pull out so he could come & 'ice some cupcakes!' Apparently everyone burst out laughing poor guy!
Sainos also had these cute little DIY gingerbread men too so I couldn't resist getting them & using them in our shoot too.

In case you hadn't guessed we had a bit of a picnic theme this time in Regents Park but I won't give away too much until the photos are ready. As well as posing like the models we are we went over to see Jenna & Matt who've just welcomed little Noah into the world. Again, more snaps to come!

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