Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rikshaw Rambling

On my way out to see some mates last week in Mumbai I got into a Rikshaw & trust me to get the driver that has no clue where he’s going. He kept turning round to ask me the directions in Hindi (I’m guessing that, it could have been anything!) & I just shrugged my shoulders & laughed at the typical Indian-ness of the situation. Thankfully it wasn’t raining so I didn’t mind being driven around more than necessary.
I finally worked out that at one point he asked my name so I thought I’d show off & reply my name is Katie in Hindi, he then got excited & started rabbiting away at me & I just sat there looking sheepish. He then realised I knew very little so gave up, poor guy! When we arrived at the place I was meeting my friends I asked him to stop & also how much for the journey in Hindi again & he laughed & thankfully answered in English. I love journeys like that!
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