Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mice & Mutts

After our photoshoot on Saturday Adam & I drove over to his parents & stayed there for the night. Seeing as we arrived quite late we stopped off to grab summit from Tescos for dinner. That's when I came across this.....
How on earth had micky mouse pizzas been invented without my knowledge?! Even though it was 50p more than a normal shaped pizza I had to get this one! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I'd had pasta shapes served on The side! Wow! The meal of kings!
The next day when we drove to Jenna&Matt's we passed Walthamstow Dogs (random fact time - Blur's parklife album photos were shot here). Sadly the dog track closed down a while ago to make room for new houses but since the recession hit nothing's been done. Luckily Adam & I along with the rest of W.I.T went down & had a fun night out there just before it closed, seeing it now though just makes you wish they could have managed to keep it open that bit longer. Now would be my cue to start my typical rant about how loads of places have been closed down for new houses/shopping centres *ahem*the Astoria *ahem* but I'll leave it there for now, I moaned about it enough in the past!

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