Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Indroducing the newly weds.

A couple of weekends ago Adam & I went to George & Claire's wedding down near Southampton. It was a bit of a more unusual ceremony & reception cos it was half Greek & half Anglican/English. Thankfully most of the service was in English so we could understand what was happening! There was only supposed to be one little part in Greek but instead the Greek Orthodox priest decided he wanted to do the whole ceremony by talking really really fast! So they've actually been married twice!
Claire, as expected, looked stunning - a proper English rose. They both looked so happy saying their vows to each other & everything ran really smoothly until Phil (the best man) dropped the rings! Why have a stone floor in the church?! The rings clang so loudly when they hit it! At least at our church it's got carpet so shouldn't be a problem. Not that I don't have faith in Nick but you've got to cover all eventualities!
This is the group shot of the 'friends.' We went there only knowing a few people but thankfully we'd been sat with other designers at the reception & we all got on like a house on fire which was cool. The photo below is of Lilly (Phil & Jane's daughter) she was so lovely! I don't normally say that about kids but she was one sweet little thing!
The reception was held kind of in the middle of nowhere, just outside a village in the grounds of a house. It was so pretty & the whole marquee was classic & beautiful. The speeches were lovely & the best bit was when George was talking about meeting Claire & he said he'd just popped out for a 'screw' though not the kind of screw everyone else was thinking of! Yoink! Adam also got mentioned quite a lot which was funny thanks to Phil & his cheeky ways.
Claire & George's first dance was to a Greek song with a live band. This was the start of a lot of Greek dancing that night.
After Claire had danced with her dad it was then George's turn & as he danced people threw money onto the floor. They either threw it or slapped it onto the dancer's heads where it stuck with sweat till it fell off & onto the floor.
On top of the cake were 2 little love birds, this theme had carried on all the way from the invites to the reception which was really sweet. A cute idea.
Yay cake cutting! It was a mix of sponge & fruit cake & I nabbed a scrummy moist bit of fruit cake. Yum! Can't beat it.
While still on a sugar rush it was time for the money dance where people pin money onto the bride & groom while they dance in a circle. It was crazy the amount of money they got from this though I'm sure it meant for a lovely honeymoon!
All the men came onto the floor after dancing individually with George & ended up by giving him the bumps too!
The next dance was for all the ladies as we clapped & danced around the happy couple.
After a few dances with the English dj it was time to make an arch & say goodbye to the  newly weds. I ran off & left Adam joining hands with randoms while I took a few snaps. After setting off some Chinese Lanterns & some more confetti George & Claire got in the car to start they new lives together.
Most of the guests were staying at the nearby Holiday Inn so a gave a couple of girls a lift home & we finally checked in about 12:30am. The next day we had a bit of a day trip but I'll bore you with that another time......

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